24 Hour Veterinarian Services


PetPB offers a broad range of emergency and elective clinical and surgical services for pet owners in Palm Beach County to include:

Veterinary Diagnostic Labs

PetPB is equipped with an in-house IDEXX laboratory suite using the latest diagnostic analyzers to perform a variety of important tests. Learn more about lab assays for your pet.

Blood Coagulation Testing

Coagulation problems can have serious consequences for your pet’s well-being and testing plays a key role in preventative healthcare, pre-surgical evaluations and the diagnosis of bleeding conditions. Learn more about blood profiles for your pet.

Diagnostic Imaging

Just as digital cameras have revolutionized photography, digital radiology is changing the face of x-ray technology. PetPB is pleased to offer the latest, state-of-the-art imagining technology for digital radiology and image management. Learn more about diagnostic imaging for your pet.