24 Hour Emergency Vet  Offers Digital Radiology

In just minutes, our technicians can take a digital x-ray of your pet’s injury or area of concern without wasting precious time spent developing film.

PetPB_Pet_Emergency-05Our 24 hour emergency vet instantly knows whether we have a good view of the target area or if we need to get another angle. Similar to a digital photograph, a digital radiograph can be manipulated after it is taken. This allows us to vary the contrast of the image, change the resolution or magnify areas of concern. Because of this advantage, we can see things on the digital image which a film x-ray just wouldn’t allow. We have actually improved our abilities to diagnose due to this ability.

Each radiograph is sent to a board certified radiologist who reviews the study and consults with our doctor.

Within 30 minutes a full report is created that includes an interpretation and recommendations.  This telemedicine significantly increases the value in our radiographic studies and brings board certified specialists into your pet’s diagnostic workup.