Vet Hospital PetPB Has An In-House Laboratory

Real-time blood and urine tests are particularly helpful to our emergency vets for determining the cause of illness in your cat or dog accurately, safely and quickly.

vet hospital's in house labIn addition, pre-surgical screenings, chemistry assays and blood profiles reduce the inherent risks of pet surgery and the use of anesthetics. PetPB vet hospital is fully equipped with IDEXX laboratory analyzers. The results allow us to treat and/or monitor the course of treatment more efficiently than ever before. The analyzers are remotely monitored by IDEXX to ensure the accuracy of texting results.

The laboratory has an iStat blood gas analyzer.  This instrument allows our veterinarians to obtain accurate, immediate blood gas results in under two minutes to expedite stabilization, treatment and/or diagnosis on critically injured and ill pets. More detailed laboratory tests may be required once stabilization is initialized.

In addition to analyzers, PetPB is able to perform blood typing and cross matching to ensure compatibility of donor blood should your pet require a transfusion.