Pet Emergency

What to do in Case of a Pet Emergency

If your pet is behaving in an unusual manner or you feel something is wrong, call your veterinarian or PetPB immediately. By answering a few questions over the phone, you and the emergency veterinary staff should be able to determine whether your pet is experiencing a life-threatening emergency. At PetPB, we understand your concern, and even if your pet’s problem is a non-emergency we are always happy to provide you with peace of mind. Should you need to bring your pet to PetPB’s emergency hospital, make certain that you know where we are located. For fast directions to our pet hospital, click for driving instructions from Palm Beach, Boca Raton & Delray, Jupiter & Stuart, or Boynton Beach.

Local Emergency Vet

The role of our emergency vets is to provide immediate care for your pet when your vet’s office is closed or doesn’t have the equipment or facilities to handle the emergency. Many pet owners never think about dealing with a sudden illness or accidental injury. However, studies have shown that 9 out of 10 pets will experience an emergency at least once in their life. The best way to deal with a pet emergency is to prepare ahead of time for such an unexpected event. To be prepared, ask your pet’s veterinarian if his or her clinic is open 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. If not, ask who they prefer you use for an evening or weekend pet emergency. It is always advisable to keep a pet hospital’s phone number handy, so don’t forget to add PetPB to your personal list of emergency contacts.

We know you love your pet and our compassionate staff at PetPB is always available to take your call should the need arise.