Vet Emergency Pet Transport

Do you know what to do in case of a pet emergency?

If your pet is experiencing an emergency please follow these travel tips to prevent further injury to your pet, yourself, and our staff:

  1. First and foremost, stay calm. Your pet will feed off of your emotions just like a person. If you are panicking, your pet will too.
  2. Remember, even docile pets can become aggressive when in pain. If your dog is trying to bite, tie a necktie or bandage temporarily around his muzzle. However, do not leave it on for a long time or it may impair his breathing. (If your dog is panting or vomiting, do not tie his muzzle closed.)
  3. Do not give your pet anything to eat/drink. General anesthesia may be required when they arrive.
  4. Gently wrap/slide your pet into a blanket or coat, or place in a secure pet carrier.
  5. If assistance is available, have two people lift your pet into your vehicle supporting the head and rear. Place your pet in the back seat and when possible have someone ride in the back with them.
  6. If a cell phone is handy please call our vet emergency office to notify us of the nature of the emergency so we can have our staff awaiting your arrival.

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