24 Hour Pet Critical Care and Coagulation & Bleeding Problems

Clinical symptoms of clotting disease in pets is what is referred to as “hemophilia” in humans. Bleeding is the major sign that a problem exists and more than one problem can exist at the same time. Coagulation problems are a threat to your cat or dog, as excessive blood loss can have serious consequences for your pet during surgery. Listed below are some of the main reasons your pet could have a bleeding problem:

  • Young puppies or kittens may have congenital bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia A, hemophilia B or Von Willebrand’s disease.
  • Exposure to and ingestion of poisons or toxins, such as a mouse that died from rat poison, can cause bleeding.
  • Liver Disorders caused by congenital shunts, infections and inflammatory diseases can adversely affect clotting.
  • Other conditions that put your pet at risk for excessive bleeding include GDV/Bloat, Trauma, Pancreatitis or Neoplasia (cancer).

How to Reduce Surgical Risks of Bleeding

Your primary veterinarian can order a blood coagulation profile prior to surgery to evaluate your pet’s risk of bleeding.

Evaluation may include some or all of the following tests:

  • Platelet Count – Platelets are produced by the bone marrow and circulate in the blood as tiny plugs to stop bleeding. Too few platelets can slow the clotting process.
  • Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time (BMBT) – This coagulation test measures the functional ability of platelets.
  • Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT) – The APTT test evaluates secondary coagulation which is the formation of the fibrin mesh that secures the platelet plug and holds it in place.
  • Prothrombin Time (PT) – The PT Test is useful for detecting factor VII deficiencies seen in beagles, malamutes, and cats. It is also the first test following a cat’s ingestion of rat-poisoned mouse.

Blood coagulation testing plays a key role in the pre-surgical blood screening and preventive healthcare of your pet.Ask your pet’s primary care veterinarian for recommendations for keeping your pet safe and healthy.